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Photo: Udo Siegfriedt

“Without the outside world, I cannot create my music. The audible and inaudible sonic world is an endless source of information that stimulates my imagination, creativity, and awareness, allowing me to enter into boundless territories. Space and its characteristic can be constantly mutable, the personal powers of imagination and critical thinking through self-perception it is an important fact to find and or generate multifaceted sound that crosses it.”

All my work and research are dedicated to my father Giuseppe Zapparoli aka GiZap and his soul. He was a self-taught musician, singer-songwriter, poet, composer and political activist which has always supported my ideas, research, and music in many ways ” 

Here a part of his music:  https://soundcloud.com/gizap


” …., the work of Berlin-based Italian sound artist and performer Marta Zapparoli is marked by its sheer adventurousness, unbridled exuberance and gargled theurgy. While no one artist has a particular premium on the (ab)use of tapes, objects, field recordings and effects, in her hands they combine to achieve otherworldly zeniths, cobbled imaginaries where ragged beauty and uglified bliss overlap…….”

THE WIRE (issue May 2020)

by Raymond Cummings

“Trascendenza e immaginario cosmico sono elementi ricchi di suggestione da cui l’arte trae da sempre preziosa linfa vitale, terreno fertile che ha ispirato interi movimenti di avanguardia. Una fascinazione profonda che nel corso degli anni ha percorso trasversalmente l’universo musicale e che ancora adesso mantiene intatta la sua forza immaginifica. Interessante conferma di questa persistente attrazione giunge dall’ultimo lavoro di Marta Zapparoli, visionaria sound artist di base a Berlino.

Strutturata in tre movimenti di durata decrescente, “Sonata Per Eterna” si configura quale vorticosa sinfonia siderale plasmata a partire da un ampio campionario di onde radio, pulsazioni elettromagnetiche e disparati segnali celati nell’etere. Materia aspra e rumorosa catturata e ricomposta per generare un viaggio potenzialmente senza fine, in bilico tra spiritualità e scienza, atipica traduzione sonica di una romantica idea del percorso di rigenerazione di un’anima…..”

English version:

“Transcendence and cosmic imagery are elements rich in suggestion from which art has always drawn precious lifeblood, fertile ground that has inspired entire avant-garde movements. A deep fascination that over the years has transversally traversed the musical universe and that still maintains its imaginative force intact. An interesting confirmation of this persistent attraction comes from the latest work of Marta Zapparoli, a visionary sound artist based in Berlin.

Structured in three movements of decreasing duration, “Sonata Per Eterna” is configured as a whirling sidereal symphony shaped from a large sample of radio waves, electromagnetic pulsations and disparate signals hidden in the ether. Rough and noisy matter captured and recomposed to generate a potentially endless journey, poised between spirituality and science, an atypical sonic translation of a romantic idea of the path of regeneration of a soul…”.

ONDA ROCK magazine (May 2020)

by Peppe Trotta


Marta Zapparoli is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, self-taught researcher. She studied soprano saxophone at the early age of fifteen in a music school. Later during her studies in Fine Art at the Art Academy in Bologna (Italy), she was also very much active in experimental theater, dance, performance, installations, and radio broadcasting. She is active in sound art since 2003 and her work has been shown worldwide. From 2007 She lives and works in Berlin.

Besides her solo project, from 2010 she is a fixed member of the 24 pieces (Splitter Orchester) and she has several ongoing collaborative projects with regarded sound artists, musicians, singers, multimedia artists, video artists.
Her project and research have been focused since the beginning on the exploration, and recordings of acoustic ecology, noise pollution, vibrational sound, underwater sound, machinery, and EMF in urban/rural/wilderness and industrial/post-industrial, abandoned spaces, using a variety of microphones, sensors, ultrasonic, some of them self-built.

In recent years, in her work, there is a deep relationship between energies, electromagnetic, magnetic, radio waves, sensorial, and matter, as well as the acoustical. She also employs a wide range of experimental techniques and equipment. She uses scientific and technological tools (including antennas, some of them self-built, detectors, radio receivers, SDR software, radio transmitters) as a medium to make music. She focuses her practice on self-made recordings of radio waves coming from the atmosphere and the electromagnetic radiations from the outer-space, as the primary material for her artistic investigation.

This environment is an endless source of information that stimulates her imagination, creativity, and awareness, and allows her to enter into boundless territories. With the collected sonic archive, she brings the invisible sonic web into a distinct aurality. During her live performances and site-specific sound interventions, she composes and/or improvise in real-time using the prerecorded signals on analog tape recorders, reel-to-reel tape machine and recently she included the sculptural antennas hanged in the performance-space, detectors and radio receivers; capturing in real-time radio waves, working with the instability, constant mutation, and unpredictability of these signals, transmitting the invisible to the audience as a musical vortex of information of our present into a new vision of sound universes creating a unique/unrepeatable psychedelic/sonic, emotional experience.

Her sonic expressions are visionary and disruptive since it can transgress the acoustic borders, pushing the listener into critical listening and reflection, make them think about the double character of our hidden acoustic environment, the polluted side and the natural side of it, to stimulate a critical thinking, awareness, and also an auditory imagination. The same set of noise and signals can be heard differently according to the listener’s particular contexts, state of mind, and social-cultural positions. For some listeners, signals and noises can be inspiring, empowering and stimulate awareness, aural memories/fantasy, sensibility, and for some others, it can be disruptive. In 2019 she started an ongoing collaboration with the Astronomical Observatory(Astrofili Urania) in San Giovanni di Luserna (Italy) to develop her ongoing project.

Marta was extensively featured on WDR3 Open Studio Elektronische Musik Deutschland (2011 and 2018), ZDF TV (2012), RTS.ch radio (2019), and a variety of experimental radio broadcasts. In 2006 she received the MOVIN-UP Award for her field recording project (An Audio Portrait of Berlin). She gave lectures at Sound Studies (Mapping The Field) 2ndInternational Conference of the European Sound Studies Association in Copenhagen (Denmark, 2016), at Goucher College Computer Music in Baltimore (USA, 2016), at Ahead Festival in Vilnius (Lithuania,2018), at InFlux Festival, in Berlin (DE, 2018), Music Academy in Lulea, (Sweden 2019), DBS Music School in Berlin (DE, 2020).

She released solo on: Glistening Examples rec, TMRW tape label, Zeromoon.rec, Idiosyncratic rec.
Collaborative releases on: Spina rec, Mikrotone rec, Gagarin Rec, Urban Art rec, Nohmand rec, NebulaRosa rec.

Selected collaborations included: Martin Kuentz, George Lewis, Øyvind Torvund, Mathias Spahlinger, Jean-Luc Guionnet, LAFM band, MATMOS band, Paul Lovens, Toshimaru Nakamura, Felix Kubin, Ensemble Mosaik, Alwynne Pritchard, Werner Daffeldecker, Ignaz Schick, Jeff Surak(Zeromoon records), Yannick Franck (Idiosyncratic record), Burkhard Beins, Vinyl Terror&Horror, Martin Howse, Sabin Vogel, Johannes Bergmark, Arnaud Riviere, Mario De Vega, JD Zazie, Paul Hubweber, Christian Wolfarth, Wendelin Buechler, Claiton Thomas, Lucio Capece, Eleonora Oreggia (xname), Gretha Cristensen, Angelica Castello, Jerome Noetinger, Burkhard Beins, Kruno Jost, PanTone, Emilio Gordoa, Klaus Kürvers, Helmut Lemke, Liz Albee, Steve Heather, Andrea Neumann, Zeena Parkins, John Duncan, Alessandra Ezramo, Julie Rousse, Billy Roisz, Richard Skott, Hanna Hartman, Anais Tuerlinckx, Jackie Stweart, Marcus Beuter, Martin Lorenz, Sebastian Hofmann, John Bucher, Tom Arthurs, Benjamin Weidekamp, Eliad Wagner, Achim Kaufmann, Klaus Kürvers , Alexandre Babel, among others.

Selected Festivals include :

Maerzmusik 2014, Atonal 2016, A’LARM 2014, Fusion 2007, Darmstädt 2012, Syn-cussion 2017, Heroines of sound 2018, Eavesdrop 2018, Ultra Schall 2015, Musik Für Alle UDK 2015, CTM 2019 (Germany), Huddersfield 2015, Sonorities 2015, Colour Out Of space Festival 2019 (UK), Borealis 2014(Norway), Sonic Circuit 2013, High Zero Festival 2016 (US), Geiger 2016-2019 (Sweden), Interpenetration Festival 2017, Konfrontationen 2016- 2018, Artacts 2019 (Austria), Zwei Tage Strom 2015, Earweare 2019, ArtAct 2019 (Switzerland), Crack 2013, Meteo Mulhouse Music Fest 2018 (France), Alternativa Festival 2018 (CZ), LEM festival (Spain), Simultan festival 2012-2015-2017 (Romania) among others.