Interdimensional Generated Space (2022-2025)

A long term research-intensive piece focusing on the transcendental phenomenon of the Northern Lights. The planned performance uses the implement of a self-made crystal “Specter Radio” – not only a crystal radio, a device that makes sounds responding to electromagnetic fields and different types and intensity of generated light. In this case, the use of light is specifically arranged to simulate a technological version of Northern Lights in the space. Specific motors are also used to generate a continuity of electromagnetic forces in the performance space, picked up by the antenna coils from the crystal universe . Visible and invisible processes in a contained form.

“Interdimensional” specifically refers to the movement of energy between modes of perception. One part of this energy will come from the composed mixture of “natural cosmic voices”, (self recorded natural radio phenomena specifically coming from the Northern Lights) which is changing in various sonic properties; and another part is coming from the electromagnetic forces generated in real time during the performance, all representing a more contained “sister process” to the cosmic field recordings.

The piece make full use of the contrasts of the invisible processes, to create a new experience of space, time, and human scale.

This is an attempt to achieve a unique sonic dialogue between “Natural” and “Technological” world, a reflection on Nature that is imitated by technology in an anthropogenic age.

This project was kindly supported by Musikfonds STIP(II) & NEUSTART KULTUR

INTERDIMENSIONAL GENERATED SPACE release (CD & Digital version ) on Dissipatio record 2023:

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Teaser (Interdimensional Generated Space) by Billy Roisz

AUDIO EXTRACT from the PREMIERE LIVE PERFORMANCE at Panke Cultur 05.10.2022 in Berlin.

The Premiere was a part of the series (Von Antennenwäldern und Wellenozeanen)

organized by Daniela Silvestrin , Birgit Schneider, Shintaro Miyazaki.

Marta Zapparoli _ Northern Lights Recordings in Norway (2022) photo credit : Alex Conu

Live Performance Premiere (Interdimensional Generated Space ) photo credit : Anke Phoebe Peters

The Performance was a part of the series (Von Antenwäldern und Wellenozeanen) at Panke in Berlin 05.10.22.

Live at Musica Impulsmusic Centrum , Pelt (Belgium) 2023
Photo credit : Alice Santacatterina

This video trailer is a step forward, an evolution of the research-intensive piece “Interdimensional Generated Space” started in 2022 as a long-term ongoing project that delves into the transcendental phenomenon of the Northern Lights and its multiple auditory manifestations. The planned performance, utilizing self-made outdoor recordings of natural radio phenomena VLF in Norway, blended with electromagnetic waves produced by the use of motors, light projectors, and ultrasonic frequencies, with an implement of a unique specific designed and constructed plasma instrument called ( Omicron Artefact – Aurora Borealis musical instrument).
By harnessing electromagnetic fields and varying light intensities, the performance aims to simulate a mesmerizing audio-visual interpretation of the Northern Lights within a controlled space. Through a juxtaposition of visible and invisible processes, the piece facilitates a unique sonic dialogue between the natural and technological realms, offering reflections on humanity’s relationship with nature in an anthropogenic age, where technology often imitates the sublime wonders of the natural world.

Thanks to :
Martin Kuentz for the technological consulting – and controllers, detectors construction.
Jo Grys for the construction and design of (Omicron Artefact – Aurora Borealis musical instrument).
Sonoscopia Cultural Association in Porto.
Institute for Postnatural Studies in Madrid.
Contemporary Art Department if Agora.

Video documentation and editing, Vicente Mateus
Sound recordings, Alberto Lopes