Phonomeniaritmo (2019)

photo by Corinna Harl 2019

Idea Composition for a trio: percussion, tape machines, electronics.

Marta Zapparoli: cassette decks/tape machines

Sebastian Hofmann & Martin Lorenz: percussion/electronics

“The music focuses on the conflict between the certainty and moodiness of electronic and mechanical machines, on the sonification of signals outside the human auditory spectrum such as radio waves, electromagnetic, mechanical vibrations and electrosmog, on the transfer of abstract models and algorithms, on a concrete setup of devices and their interaction.

Exploring the boundaries and relationship between multiple acoustic realities in relation to space, also to create an intense and circular dialogue between sonic particularity, repetition, and polyrhythm .”

Premiere was @ Schlosserei Nenniger, Zürich CH April 13, 2019

Info composition / score :