Sinking into the Dark (ongoing)

“Sinking into the Dark” is long – term ongoing performance that began in 2019, focused on psychoacoustics, deep listening, mutations of radio waves in time and space, minimal body’s movement, the use of antennas, real-time radio waves reception, and self-made recordings of radio wave communication, electro smog, and electromagnetic waves coming from VLF (Natural Radio phenomena), and from the outer space, recorded at the Astronomical Observatory (Astrofili Urania) in Italy, as an ongoing collaboration, and during artistic residences.

“Sinking into the dark” is a deep critical thinking, an exploration of the unheard “natural” and “polluted” electromagnetic environment, the constant mutation of it, which we are not aware of.

Radio waves and electro smog are the mirrors of our techno-society in constant change, they mutating and disrupting the energetic environment in nature. how nature and industrialize world adapting to each other?

And how , our senses ,memories, bodies will behave in relation to this change ?

During the live performance, an important factor is also to work with “The Unpredictable” and the process of transforming/orchestrating these electromagnetic radiations into a real-time musical flow. Trying to create an amplitude of subliminal listening, an immersive, hypnotic, and psychedelic trip, an open door to a new sonic multiverse.

The first Premiere was, at KM28 (Entangled Sounds series), Berlin 06.12.19

Instruments: Antennas, radio receivers, detector, pre-recorded sound on tapes, and reel-to-reel tape machine.

Excerpt sound:

Video trailer:

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FUNKHOUSE, DBS film-music school, Berlin 2021
Premiere Sinking into the Dark I @ KM28, Berlin (DE) 2019
photo by Udo Siegfriedt