Sinking into the Dark (ongoing)

“Sinking into the Dark” is a long-term research and performative project started in 2019, focus on psychoacoustic, mutations and intensity of radio waves in time and space, body motion, light, the use of self-made recordings of electromagnetic waves coming from celestial bodies from the outer space. This is possible had an ongoing collaboration with the Astronomical Observatory of San Giovanni di Luserna (IT) and a future possible collaborations with other Astronomical Observatories around the world. In addition to that, another important part of it is focused on real-time reception of high frequencies waves, radio communication, wireless with the use of a variety of antennas, some of them self-made during the performance. This project is deep critical thinking and exploration of the invisible spectrum of our sonic environment, its constant mutation in time and space, its intensity, reflecting the reality of our social and political world and the impact of these signals on our mind, body, and senses. “Sinking into the Dark” is focused on a series of compositional ideas mixed with improvisation during the live performance, plus sound interventions in specific places, and a future of experiments with electrokinesis practice.

The Risk involved in working with unpredictable signals is an important fact during the performance. Putting my self at risk each time I perform it’s not that easy but is a big challenge even if some times the outcome is not successful. Another important fact is also the process and surprise.

Instruments: Antennas, receivers, detector, pre-recorded sound on tapes and reel to reel tape machine.

Excerpt sound:

Video trailer:

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Premiere Sinking into the Dark I @ KM28, Berlin (DE) 2019
photo by Udo Siegfriedt