The Unknown Beyond (ongoing)

“The unknown beyond” is an ongoing project-research started in 2014. The project is focused on several outdoor recordings during travels and artistic residences around the world. It is about exploration, interception, and recordings of the invisible spectrum of our sonic reality: EMF (electro-smog, the invisible electromagnetic radiation resulting from the use of both wireless technology and mains electricity ), radio waves communication, and Natural Radio Phenomena VLF (electromagnetic signal emissions which originate from natural phenomena, weather, lighting, Norden light, solar wind and more). I’m interested in the inaudible surrounding our daily life, electromagnetic radiations, in the origin and transmission of these signals, their relation and contamination, the electrosensitivity effects on humans senses, their constant mutation in space-time, and how these signals are changing our political and social reality. This series of “Radio waves sketches”, are sonic portraits of the invisible electromagnetic web in cites and wildness around the world which I record with different professional tools like detectors, radio receivers, antennas, (some of them self-build), and landscapes interventions. I receive and record these waves all over the world during my travels and art residences.

With these portraits, I aim to compose sonic/stories, to tell the uniqueness and variable intensity of these signals in each location, space, and time. The first composition of this series was made in 2014 and focused on Cres Insel (Croatia). Subsequent recordings and presentations of my compositional work have been made during artistic residences in Krems (Austria)2016, Druskininkai (Lithuania)2017, New York (USA)2016, Hoven House – Vall Pellice, Rora'(IT) 2019, Kreta Insel 2020 (Greece).

Kreta Insel 2020 (Greece)

Vall pellice on the mountain (Italy)2019
New York, 2016
Cres 2014, Croatia
Light and Shadow, Berlin 2015
Lithuania 2017